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Divine Mercy Daily Daily Reflections from The Diary of st. Faustina


Bringing Humankind Closer to Me


While I was saying the chaplet, I heard a voice which said, Oh, what great graces I will grant to souls who say this chaplet; the very depths of My tender mercy are stirred for the sake of those who say the chaplet (Diary, 848).

Jesus listened to these outpourings of my heart with gravity and interest, as if He had known nothing about them, and this seemed to make it easier for me to talk. And the Lord said to me, My daughter, those words of your heart are pleasing to Me, and by saying the chaplet you are bringing humankind closer to Me. After these words, I found myself alone, but the presence of God is always in my soul (Diary, 929). 

My Prayer Response

Lord Jesus, increase my trust in You and in Your promises of great graces for saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. May my prayer be pleasing to You and bring souls closer to You.