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Facebook page “Jesus, my companion”


Shortly after the news of the Corona virus outbreak spread to many countries around the world and a few weeks before the imposition of curfews in many Iraqi cities, I began, like everyone else, to feel that something was going to change, and different things might happen etc. Then I started praying and asking God for enlightenment. As a catechist I began to think about how catechesis could be modified and as a formator of the youth I began to think how to work for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls. After a few days, I suddenly thought about setting up a Facebook page and starting online classes. At first, I hesitated because I preferred to teach in the churches and stay away from the mass media as much as possible, but this time I took the idea seriously and considered it a call from God. So I said: “Lord, accompany me and help me with the my project”. As a result, the page was called “Jesus, my companion”, and I created a space for others to share freely. Therefore, the page was created on 20/02/2020, as a “Cattolic” page.

The first material published was an educational video sent by a catechist whom I had at the institute of Christian formation in Baghdad, and a prayer of a child sent by his catechist; then I started explaining the Ten Commandments, and the work continued, and I got various suggestions. The mothers of the catechists also began to send me many text messages of thanks, stating that their homes had turned into a place of Christian prayer and education, and that the page “Jesus, my companion” is a blessing at the time of the Corona virus outbreak. For my part, I let everyone participate freely.

There are many areas of faith treated in the page by me and also by some catechists who work with me: explanation of biblical texts; training meetings; materials to play; course on virtues; prayers in different languages (Arabic, Aramaic, English, French, German… etc.); songs, the program: “Children but heroes”, “Learn to draw” and “Do it yourself”; manual work, cooking tips; competitions… etc. Finally, I can say that I have learned a lot through the page “Jesus, my companion” which is a success from 20/02/2020, and this year I will be working with catechists and educators to organize new programs for the glory of God and the good of souls. Until now, there are 4525 catechists from all over the world are visiting this page and every day there are new material and every Friday there is catechesis for everyone.

Sister Hanan Eshoa Founder and Responsible for the Facebook page “Jesus, my companion”