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We pray with Alhan for cancer patients


This book contains 31 meditations and prayers for the month of October, which are dedicated for the cancer patients in the house called “Bethania”. (Bethania is a free home in Baghdad for the homeless and sick)

The title is: “We pray with Alhan for cancer patients” (Alhan was a consecrated Virgin who founded Bethania and she also died of cancer on 2019).

Formulated by Sister Hanan Eshoa

Press: Al Diwan 2019 The goal is to make people understand how cancer affects. Cancer is painful not only on a physical level but also on a psychological level and sometimes even on a spiritual level. So, a cancer patient must be treated compassionately by others and should be helped to experience that life takes its natural course, whatever happens. They can also remind the suffering person about the sources of strength: faith in healing, self-confidence, patience, dreaming of the best, accepting and living life in a natural way. Moreover, among the sources of strength that I have just mentioned, we can shed light on the power of faith that helps a believer to heal or be having patience while experiencing the true miracle