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Work at Alquosh for 10 days


I would like to thank all those who have invited me to work at Alquosh for 10 days. Even though I was initially invited to do a course for the children at our convent, once I was there, His Excellency Mar Mikha al-Maqdisi, Reverend Father Ghazwan and Wrina and Taybeh in the community of Saint Anna invited me to share my experiences and give some courses. First of all, I thank my Sisters in the convent in Alquosh who are working hard in their mission and made me feel happy and joyful with them. I could say that, for me those were very important and beautiful moments in which I accompanied the daughters of Santa Anna and shared with them experiences: educational, artistic and spiritual. The formative meetings for the Catechists and the Fraternities of high school students and Youth were equally enriching.

Always with thanks to the Lord for His great mercy. Thank you also for those who prayed for us these days.

Sr. Hanan Eshoa